Badge of Tenacity

By Athinira, 70 Tauren Druid, EU Ravencrest


About the Badge:

Badge of Tenacity is a new druid armor trinket introduced in patch 2.1.0. It is currently the best druid tanking trinket in existence, so putting some effort into getting this little baby can be well worth it.

The cooldown on the trinket is 2 minutes. Assuming optimal use on every cooldown, its on average the same as 25 agility permanently. When activated the trinket gives (not counting the talent Survival of the Fittest):
- 300 armor
- 6% increased chance for a melee critical strike
- 10.2% increased chance to dodge

The armor on the trinket gives 1540 armor in Dire Bear Form untalented, 1694 armor with 3/3 Thick Hide.

The Badge is special because armor trinkets are very rare. Previously there was only two armor trinkets in the game, Badge of Tenacity takes this to three. The two others are:

Mark of Tyranny
- Stats: 180 armor, 12 dodge rating
- Obtained: Upper Black Rock Spire quest to kill General Drakkisath

Smoking Heart of the Mountain
- Stats: 150 armor, 7 to all resistances
- Obtained: Crafted by an enchanter (Bind on Pickup but you do not require enchanting to keep it after its crafted). Requires 265 enchanting skill. Recipe is dropped by Lord Roccor in BRD, which is easily soloable by a level 55+ druid.

How to craft it:

Tenacity is crafted in a special way. You will need 2 items:
1) 50 Apexis Shards
Apexis shards are farmed from mobs found on Blade's Edge Plateau. They are bind on pickup and drop from EVERY mob on the Plateau (around 25-35% drop chance) and are gathered in around an hour.

2) Depleted Badge
Depleted Badge is, like the trinket, Bind on Equip and you might be able to find it on the Auction House (or even the badge itself there). The Depleted Badge has a "use" function which consumes 50 Apexis Shards and turns it into Badge of Tenacity.

Depleted Badge drops from the same mobs that drops Apexis Shards, though the droprate is very low so expect to put some heavy farming into this if you plan to farm the badge. You might get it within 10 minutes of grinding, but might also very well get it after days of grinding, since the drop chance is random. On average it is something around 1 every 1600 mobs down. Those mobs can drop any depleted item (beside our badge there are rings, weapons, and even a few purples). Drops are rumoured to be higher from summoned dragons/guardians/demons (using with 35 shards).

Completing the Darkrune Event (video) will guaranty one depleted item. Darkrunes are a 19% chance gain from a daily quest obtained at Honored : Banish the demons.

So where is Blade's Edge Plateau?:

Here. Every mob there has a chance to drop Apexis Shards or the Depleted badge. Happy grinding.