Game Mechanics - Stamina

Stamina, or STA, increases the Druids hitpoints. 1 point of stamina gives 10 hitpoints (or HP). In Dire Bear Form, the Druids stamina is increased by 25%, so every point of stamina in Caster Form effectively gives 12.5 HP in Bear Form.

The Heart of the Wild talent increases the Druids stamina by 20% while in Bear Form and Survival of the Fittest increases it by 3% in all forms. Tauren Druids have their total HP increased by 5% as a racial ability.

The table below shows how much HP you gain from increasing your base stamina by 1 (by, for example, replacing an item with a new item that has 1 more stamina).

Talents / Form

none / caster
none / bear
HotW / bear
SotF / caster
HotW & SotF / bear

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